Funniest Stories About Parents Pretending To Be The Tooth Fairy For Their Kids

It's pretty hard to convince kids that the tooth fairy exists. They've evolved, becoming more attuned to their parents' games and tricks. Nonetheless, parents keep trying to keep up the facade of the tooth fairy through clever tactics. A Reddit user asked parents about their experiences pretending to be the tooth fairy, and boy, did these parents deliver with their stories. Scroll down for the funniest tooth fairy stories below. 

parents reveal how they try and get away with being the tooth fairy | thumbnail text - messicanamerican 2 days ago When my daughter lost her tooth I completely forgot to do the swap and she told me the next morning, I made a letter from the tooth fairy explaining how she couldn't leave her money because of how messy her room was that she hurt herself trying and would come back when her room was all tidy. Gave me time to get some cash and a reason for her to tidy her room.
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