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19 twitter screenshots about dating apps | Thumbnail includes a blue and purple gradient background with a screenshot of a tweet on top 'han banan @hjacobsjoy i love getting on my dating apps once a week for 30 seconds to swipe left on everyone'

The Most Accurate Dating App Tweets of the Week (March 18, 2023)

Dating apps are the root of all evil, we said it.
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20 tweets about situationships and dating | Thumbnail includes a pink background with a screenshot of a tweet on top 'riyanka @NAOMIPINK If u in a situationship end it now so u healed by the summer babes, ho wisdom 2:49 PM Mar 12, 2023 12.7K Views'

This Week’s Top 20 Tweets About Situationships and Other Dating Disasters (March 15, 2023)

Nothing like a good ol' situationship
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15 crazy girlfriend memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a woman crying and a picture of Spongebob 'When he keeps telling you to stop being crazy but you don't know how when you're beginning to realize that you're actually wrong in an argument.'

15 Crazy GF Memes for Girlfriends Who Stir the Pot & Cause Drama When There Isn't Enough Attention Coming Their Way

Just a little crazy sometimes
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18 relatable memes about what it's like being a girlfriend | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cartoon child eating cereal and a picture of a fluffy and chubby cat 'him: you're the most jealous girl i know me: so you know other girls?? *mad af at my boyfriend and not speaking to him* him: so... want something to eat? me:'

18 Very Relatable Memes That Perfectly Capture the Everyday Struggles of Being a Girlfriend

Does it ever get easier?
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20 hilarious husband memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a door mat and a picture of a black man in a white T-shirt '

Top 20 Wholesome & Hilarious Hubby Memes Of The Week (March 5, 2023)

a love letter to our husbands
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20 classical art memes about dating | Thumbnail includes a picture of a painted man whispering to a woman and a picture of an Egyptian 'Excuse me, you- Good for you, you're standing on my foot, could you move please? I have a boyfriend "I just find it funny how you said you don't know her but she's sending you hieroglyphs"'

Modern Day Dating Illustrated In The Form Of Classical Art Memes (March 4, 2023)

Dating has been both a source of excitement and disappointment for millennia. But let's be real, dating today is much different than what it was like in the classical ages . Back then, dating was more like a business transaction than a romantic connection. People were matched based on the family's social status and political power. If today we swipe left and right, back then it was more like checking off boxes on a to-do list. But to be fair, dating hasn't changed THAT much because just like to…
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20 funny and sassy memes about single girls | Thumbnail includes a picture of two Bratz dolls and a picture of Rhianna 'Me when I'm on a date Girlzzzclub how was your date? 06 I blocked his number while we were at dinner "I'm sorry for everything that I've don..." Me: *blocked*'

20 Sassy Memes for Spicy Solo Singles Who Always Have a Spunky Comeback up Their Sleeves

Be prepared for some heat
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20 funniest marriage memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of two toilets stuck together and a screenshot of a text chat 'For the couples... with joint FB accounts r I already ate. ? You hungry? What do you want? Lmfao Don't do this. Wifey What's for dinner? iMessage Ok. I can eat again. Oh 10 True love is when you starve until we can eat together Loyalty... No. I'll just starve until breakfast #sohungry'

20 Best Marriage Memes for Dynamic Duos Who Do Everything Together

You're obliged to starve until you can eat together. That's the rule.
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45 marriage and parenting memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a yellow fairy with blue hair and a screenshot from a Facebook post 'Parents: swear in front of child accidentally one time: Child A core memory He pressed her up against the wall. She could feel his jorts bulging as he untucked his "World's Best Dad" t-shirt. She pushed him backwards onto the bed and he began to undress. "No." she said, "The New Balance 624s stay on." 49 Like Comment 15 Comments Send "I'm so hot"'

45 Best Marriage & Parenting Memes We've Seen This Week (February 22, 2023)

a rollercoaster ride with ups, downs, twists & turns
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40 wholesome relationship memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of the baby Grinch and a picture of a banana doing something on the computer 'Him: "you look so beautiful when you wake up..." Me after I just wake up: when my bf walks in on me planning our wedding even though we aren't even engaged'

Love In The Meme-Time: 40 Wholesome Relationship Memes That Are Saving Romance, One Laugh At A Time

Love is in the air
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17 memes for couples that relate to the 'stay at home dad and breadwinner mom' family dynamic | Thumbnail includes a picture of a blonde girl smiling at a man and a picture of an ordinary man showing a tall women in a green dress something on a tablet 'Me as a stay at home husband telling my breadwinner wife about all chores I did today My executive level, bread winning wife Me showing her the Lego Star Wars playset I want'

17 Best Memes For Married Couples That Relate To The 'Stay At Home Dad & Breadwinner Mom' Family Dynamic

Girl boss hour
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16 funny marriage memes | Thumbnail includes the Drake meme of him waving and a picture of DJ Khaled 'Advice I give to my wife that she rejects Exact same advice given by someone she doesn't know very well My wife when the dog shelter employee asks "anything else?" ANOTHER ONE'

Weekly Mrs. Memes For The Witty Wifey Committee (February 17, 2023)

Witty wifeys unite
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18 witty girlboss memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of Mila Kunis from the 70's show and a picture of a cat fixing a car '"Why are you single?" "When are you going to get a bf?" "Are you seeing anyone?" Me: Look, if I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would. When you're a strong independent woman that don't need no man 66767Y'

18 Girl Boss Memes For Powerful Women Who Don't Rely On Anyone Except Themselves

You're all you've got boo
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22 funny and relatable memes about marriage | Thumbnail includes a picture of purple word art and a picture of magnetic letters on a fridge 'When you get married and you have to share your property with your wife Sounds like COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA BUT OK Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicom My wife and I hit an important marriage milestone. We had a fight entirely in fridge magnets. buy MORE MILK Follow'

Marriage Memes For People Whose Marriage Has Been Through It All But Is Now Stronger Than Ever

Marriage is so much work 😭 but worth it... we guess
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28 funny marriage memes | Thumbnail includes a meme of a couple laying in bed and a couple in a therapy session 'Her: I bet he's thinking about other women Him: If she farts like that again I'm gonna press charges Therapist: what's upsetting you? Wife: he's always using common phrases incorrectly Me: cry me a table, Linda'

28 Funniest Memes For Lovers Who Act Like Old Married Couples

If y'all don't bicker over every single little thing... are you even IN LOVE?
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20 funny and relatable memes about girls being players | Thumbnail includes a picture of Kim Kardashian stuck in a crowd of people and a screenshot of a tweet 'When all four of your boyfriends are at the same bar. LIFE HACK: Date a guy with money All of them cheat but it's better to get your heart broken in Paris than somewhere in the hood.'

20 'Left On Read' Memes For The Savage Girls That Outplay Players

Girls will be girls 🤷🏻‍♀️
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