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There May Be A Shortage Of Toilet Paper, But Not Of Toilet Paper Memes

Coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus. What else are people talking about nowadays? Yes, the unknown is scary and confusing, but people seem to be losing sight of reality. The public has embarked on a frenzy of buying stores out of toilet paper as if their lives depend on it, rather than food, medicine, and games to keep themselves entertained - all of which would be a lot more sensible. Unsurprisingly, coronavirus toilet paper memes are as hot of a commodity as toilet paper itself and here are some of our favorites to get you through this period of social distancing.

coronavirus toilet paper memes twitter funny facebook | the year is 2024 coronavirus was worse than we expected toilet paper has been gone for 3 yrs i have over 250 rolls from not wiping my ass for yrs the police are approaching they have surrounded my home my gun is loaded aiming at the door they want my paper
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