People Expose Things Men Think Are Harmless But That Actually Piss Women Off| thumbnail text - ancientamber · 16 hr. ago "You're cute when you're mad"

People Expose Things Men Think Are Harmless But That Actually Piss Women Off

The disconnect is real
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Woman Gets Roasted And Toasted On Twitter After Posting About Healthy Vs Unhealthy Food Prices| thumbnail text - Emily Porter, M.D. @dremilyportermd ... I just got a double cheeseburger, small fries and large Diet Coke at McDonald's for $3.25 so please stop fat shaming or blaming the single mom of 2 working for $7.25/hour for her "unhealthy choices" or high blood pressure when non-organic raspberries are $8.96/pound at Walmart. 10:27 PM · Apr 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 4,147 Retweets 277 Quot

Woman Gets Roasted And Toasted On Twitter After Posting About Healthy Vs Unhealthy Food Prices

A controversial topic
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Annoying Fathers-In-Law Who Woke Up And Chose Violence| thumbnail text - Shoe, 2:09 E 1:09 4071% Sister Edit 58 min 4 People > Today 12:58 PM Get that doll away from them boys Message CPay

Annoying Fathers-In-Law Who Woke Up And Chose Violence

Like crazy mothers-in-law, but smellier
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people reveal things that are cool if you're handsome but creepy if you're ugly - cover pic redditor example living in a Volkswagen van | VegetableArmy7 8 points 5 hours ago Living Volkswagen van. Handsome hippy, clean carbon foot print blagh blagh blagh Ugly=creepy and homeless

Things Which Are Nice And Sexy If You’re Handsome, But Creepy If You’re Ugly

Turns out, life is easier if you're good looking
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The Kindest Ways To Effectively Tell Someone To F*** Off| thumbnail text - TheMachinesWay · 55d If one could do the dishonourable pleasure of fornicating themselves in the far off distance far away from my presence would undoubtedly be appreciated. + G Reply ...

Funniest Passive-Aggressive Ways To Tell Someone To Get Lost

Kill em' with kindness
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Women Tweet About Men The Way Men Talk About Women In History| Thumbnail text - @sherrifflucy · Sep 2, 2017 Lucy Sherriff I half wonder whether men should be allowed in labs. Could be a distraction to hard working women. They at least need to dress appropriately ... 16 17 158 2.9K

Women Tweet About Men The Way Women Are Mentioned In History

"Jackie Kennedy's Husband Was Such A Fashion Icon"
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history movies tweets awesome hollywood | tweet by KylePlantEmoji historical event/person deserves movie but doesn't have one yet personally want really good Houdini movie

Stories From History That Should Be Made Into Movies

Listen up, Hollywood!
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tiktok thread about women giving analogies of how disappointing it is to sleep with men | guy? elimetri its like hoping you win the lotery. not winning end then having to reassure the one who did win the lottery. V•ew Lindsey Judd Ever GO to the store end get teeny good icecreem, get home get hyped that ur going to have it after dlnner. then your house catches on fire.„ Marissa Wilkes Creator im CRYING HAHAHAHA View v carsyn with a y it's like the moment you realize thet you just lost the game:

Women Provide Disappointing Analogies Of Sleeping With Guys

"It's like the year 2020"
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tweet revealing list of things women would feel safe to do in a world free of men for 24 hours | Text - veronica @wxixp saw a Tiktok that said, what would you do if there were no men on earth for 24 hours... here was the comment section

Here's What Women Would Do In A Manless World

If only women felt safe all the time
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Funny pictures of rude cross stitches your grandma will find offensive | thumbnail includes two images Text - NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WHILE EATING A BANANA,  My Heels are BIGGER than your dick

More Offensive Cross Stitches Filled With Snarky Sentiments

Not the Bible quotes you're used to
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questions to the opposite sex - cover pic asking about pierced nipples leaking when you breastfeed | flamingoman 1.9k points 11 hours ago Girls, if have pierced nipples then have kid, does milk come out like sprinkler head or through original channel like hose.

Questions For The Opposite Sex That You Wouldn’t Say IRL: A Reddit Thread

"Does size matter? Asking for a friend..."
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tweets about the Metro UK challenging themselves to spend Jeff Bezos' net worth | Amazon founder Jeff Bezos records yesterday as saw the largest ever growth in wealth in day. mogul a whopping $13 billion dollars in 24 hours. bringing his net worth to S 189.3 bdlbn. THREAD) | We still have a lot to spend. So how can dent this obscene sum? Jeff needs a fighter jet, because what billionaire CEO doesn't need a small army at his disposal. Ten F-22 Raptors. That should do it. $1.4 billion.

Metro UK Try (And Fail) To Spend Net Worth Of Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Amazon - Twitter Thread

The struggles of being rich
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Twitter Thread listing Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep - cover image tweet listing reasons why sleep is bad | aiko @1chigoko consistently sleeping less than 6-7 hrs wrecks immune system doubles risk cancer sleep is key factor determining if will develop Alzheimer's improper sleep even week will disrupt sleep enough could be classified as pre-diabetic 10:22 AM Jun 24, 2020 Twitter iPhone >

Twitter Thread On The Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep

This. Is. Scary. Stuff
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keanu reeve's face photoshopped onto disney princes - cover image pictures of keanu reeves as disney princes | Beauty and the Beast Prince and The Little Mermaid

Keanu Reeves As All The Disney Princes: A Thread

Keanu Reeves is the only prince we need
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funny tweets parenting kids | Jacob Nosal Follow @JacobNosal Replying scottlincicome my son turned 2 found out do fact, negotiate with terrorists. 4:43 PM 8 Jul 2019

Parents Tweet About Their Nonstop Petty Negotiations With Their Kids

Have kids they said. It will be fun, they said
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reddit wholesome life living askreddit thread | Why do like be alive? Cambriee 35.6k points 3 days ago There's lot places still want go, books want read, movies want see. Even if don't get experience all before die like anticipation all.

Beautiful Reasons As To Why Life Is Worth Living

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