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13 Celebrity Thirst Tweets Needing To Be Quenched| Thumbnail Text - Hair - Neemz Replying to @MarkRuffalo daddy!!!!! Use my face as a trampoline

13 Celebrity Thirst Tweets Needing To Be Quenched

What we wish we could say to hot celebs
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thirsty tweets about tom ellis | thumbnail text - dilruba @JoanneiaSelin Rewatching Lucifer episodes again and again and found out my obsession towards Tom Ellis is escalating day by day. Man he looks fine as wine. Just rip me off to hell please jesus a 8:28 PM · Jun 20, 2021 · Twitter for Android

The Universe Can't Stop Thirsting Over Tom Ellis And His Devilish Persona On Lucifer

Take us to hell
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Chris hemsworth tweets | thumbnail text - @ilovetwilight god is a woman and she knew exactly what she was doing when she made chris hemsworth

The Internet Can't Stop Drooling Over Chris Hemsworth's Bodacious Biceps

Pathetically drooling over his arms
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Thirsty tweets for Troye Sivan | thumbnail text - AOSALES (Taylor's Version) @runeherondale this photo of Troye Sivan just cleared my skin, erased all my student debts and stopped the bees from dying at an alarming rate

The Universe Can't Stop Thirsting Over Troye Sivan And His Perfect Vocals

We're all crushing on Troye
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Thirsty tweets for The Weeknd On Thirsty Thursday | thumbnail text -  Frau Eva @Missnoir16_ The weeknd makes me sad and horny at the same time 10:23 PM · Mar 23, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Thirstiest Tweets For The Weeknd Just In Time For Thirsty Thursday (March 25, 2021)

'Cause girl you're perfect, you're always worth it
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