19 screenshots of replies from men to the question why they don't go to therapy | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a Reddit text with a highlighted quote on a pink box 'Why don't you go to therapy? WH no it, mu 'My therapist dropped me after I opened up and cried' Paying a stranger $80/hour won't change that.'

'My therapist dropped me after I opened up and cried': 19 Reasons Why Men Don't Go To Therapy According To Men Themselves

'I'm emotionally stable' Okay Jimmy
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people reveal the worst thing their therapist ever said to them | thumbnail text - lightfootjr 4 days ago My mom saw a shrink the year my brother almost died from a lung infection, she had had a miscarriage, and her husband lost his leg in an accident (all within about 4 months' time). The shrink asked, "Have you considered that maybe God hates you?"

People Reveal The Worst Thing Their Therapist Ever Said To Them

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