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Dating Nightmares: Naughty Things Single People Did At A Wedding

When you put a plethora of attractive single men and women together, throw in some dancing, and add an open bar, what do you get?? Lots of naughty sexual activity, of course! Though 2020 has not allowed us to have these celebrations of love as we normally would, we are teaming up with The Single Society to share all of the sexual debauchery that has happened to our readers in order to look forward to things getting back to normal in the future. Enjoy reading the 9 naughtiest things single people have done at a wedding.


naughtiest things single people did at weddings | thumbnail includes pop art image of two men and one woman Text - Why do weddings make me so horny? | broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years just before one of my best friend's weddings and ended up going solo. I went a little nuts and ended up having a threesome with the bride's cousin and his wife in the steam room of their villa
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