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people share their 'if I got caught there was no explanation' stories | thumbnail Text - meme-ikyu 41 points · 21 hours ago Brought a kitchen knife to Disney hidden in the liner of my backpack. Had previously put it in there to cut up fruit, and it somehow ended up getting stuck between the inner and outer layers of the bag. I never noticed until I was literally in the bag check line at Disney. Panicked for a while but no one noticed it.

People's 'If I Get Caught There's No Explanation' Stories

Those awkward moments
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people who embarrassed themselves on the internet in really awkward moments | Text - If you were 32 weeks pregnant, and your spouse posts a meme in a private group that you're not in, that says "I only date antivaxxers because you only have to pay child support for 8 years instead of 18" What would your thoughts be? He says it's not about me

Awkward Moments Which Take 'Awkward' To A New Level

People Embarrassing Themselves On The Internet
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Awkward sexcapade sees polyamorous man unknowingly sleep with boss's wife and gets caught | thumbnail text - Beth (scantily clad) started preparing my usual leftovers and I was slipping my boxers back on when suddenly the front door swung open.

Polyamorous Man Unknowingly Sleeps With Boss's Wife And Gets Caught

What a small, small world
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awkward texts that kids sent to their parents by mistake | Mom Edit If my family asks just say are my roommate can't deal with this coming out right now. Ok so would like pretend didn't see And continue pretending not know always known since were 5? Well wasn't supposed happen. Can't wait meet roommate xoxoxoxo Omg mom stop | Daddy Contact Read 12:45 AM Did mean send this Answer phone NOW Are serious Is this is do whole at School

Awkward Texts People Sent To Their Parents By Mistake

A whole lot of yikes
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guy tells story of sleeping with coworkers mom for months without realizing | Posted by u/bleebloopo 6 days ago 3 96 3 3 49 33 3 3 633 4 54 42 12 61 53 2 TIFU by realizing older woman been sleeping with months is my coworkers mom. Lnsfw UPDATES BELOW Throwaway account, this literally happened like an hour ago. So M25) have been involved with an older woman (F44) lately started few months ago with onset Coronavirus on Tinder trying find someone hook up with during quarantine so as stay safe and

Guy Realizes Cougar He Is Sleeping With Is Coworker's Mom

A whole new level of awkward
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people recall their most embarrassing moments | thumbnail text - -ladykitsune- 4 months ago At my first job (I was 15 at the time) one of the older ladies had brought in a cake as it was her birthday. She proudly asked people to guess her age. Most people were graceful enough to say 40, some even said she didn't look a day over 30. Me, being socially unaware and bluntly honest like a kid, blurted out "80!" She was 50 O

People Recall Their Embarrassing Moments Which Make Them Want To Curl Up And Die

The moments we hate to relive
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people share their awkward moments on Twitter | thumbnail includes two tweets Text - B @BenedictBridget My bf met my family for the first time & we we're playing catch phrase & his word was boner. Instead of skipping it like a normal person he said "something that Bridget gives me" right infront of my father 5:13 AM Dec 26, 2018 · Twitter for Android 30.3K Retweets 2K Quote Tweets 315.6K Likes

Awkward Moments Which Made People Wish The Ground Had Swallowed Them Up

People's Most Awkward Moments Captured On Twitter
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awkward moments from teachers and students who forgot to turn off the mic during virtual learning | Obelisk5492 192 points 2 hours ago student, and my teacher talking his wife at first. Pretty normal right? Well, she leaves then he gets on phone and says Yeah honey, my wife just left, wanna come over entire class went batshit bro.

Most Awkward 'Forgot To Turn Off The Mic During Virtual Learning' Stories

That's a whole lotta awkward
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stories of people getting fired from their jobs | Greg DeNinno @gpdno My wife 16 years suddenly and unexpectedly died August. My work got mad because would cry office so took 6 weeks off. They wanted back sooner but refused AndThenIWasFired

People Reveal Their 'And Then I Was Fired' Moments

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reddit thread of awkward parts of sex no one talks about - cover pic couple in bed "awkwardly shuffling over to the tissues at the side of the bed when you're done"

Awkward Parts Of Sex No One Really Talks About: Reddit Thread

"The bed noises travel further than expected"
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awkward notifications people received when someone was holding their phone - cover pic story about wife texting about a threesome while showing baby pics | TheDeadGunslinger 2.5k points 2 days ago showing my coworker picture my son my girlfriend at time who is now my wife sent text something along lines having threesome.

Worst Notifications People Received Whilst Someone Had Their Phone

Awkward doesn't even cover it
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redditors reveal what happened when their parents walked in on them having sex - cover pic not my parents but her parents. I yelled out loud "we were westling". Very awkwar

Redditors Reveal: People Whose Parents Walked In On Them Having Sex

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real stories of the worst things people experienced during sex - cover image while having sex an elderly woman asked if we were ok

Worst Things People Experienced During Sex

Taking awkward to a whole new level
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