ghosting tweets | thumbnail text - Wadsworth's So Wadsworth_Wife My love language is ghosting after dating 3 months welcome. 4:28 PM Sep 6, 2022. Twitter iPhone

A Concise Collection Of Super Accurate Ghosting Tweets

Spooky season is approaching
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bumble tweets | thumbnail text - mell @mellonbobellon Now why would bumble ask me if I'm enjoying the app? Girly pop, I don't wanna be he

This Week's Batch Of Blunt Bumble Tweets (September 1, 2022)

Girly pop, I don't want to be here
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tinder conversations | thumbnail text - Daaaaang girl, are microwave? Because mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm Today 9:33 AM Today 5:15 PM Lol Because microwaves are hot And they also make an mmmmm sound Today 5:49 PM very boring joke,

This Week's Batch Of Wild Tinder Conversations (August 29th, 2022)

Tinder is getting out of hand
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nice girls post | thumbnail text - What's the most romantic thing you've done for a female? Your mom don't count I got a girl some roses for graduation I guess What's anything that you've done for your man

Delusional Woman Claims That Gracing Men With Her Presence Alone Is The Grandest Gift She Can Bestow Upon Them

Gotta put a tad more effort into place
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dating app tweets | thumbnail text - Ginny Hogan_ @ginnyhogan_ Dating apps are actually totally fine, it's just the people on them 3:00 PM - Aug 16, 2022. Twitter Web App

This Week's Concise Collection Of Dating App Tweets (August 18, 2022)

For your mental health, use dating apps sparingly
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bumble tweets | thumbnail text - UNIQUE @femceleste why are bumble guys so much cuter than ones on tinder gaspin

This Week's Batch Of Blunt Bumble Tweets (August 13, 2022)

We'll take Bumble over Tinder any day
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dating app tweets | thumbnail text - Caylee @2kaRask Dating app notifications be like: "hey you absolute loser. Someone likes you. Just open the app already. Don't you wanna see this person? Stop complaining that you're single if you never open our app, idiot." 6:46 PM Jul 29, 2022. Twitter for iPhone

This Week's Top Dating App Tweets (August 4, 2022)

Dating is so weird these days
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hinge tweets | thumbnail text - Soup @soupinthering on hinge ferociously sending roses every doctor see because don't have health insurance 3:22 PM Aug 1, 2022. Twitter iPhone

This Week's Collection Of Honest Hinge Tweets (August 2, 2022)

Sometimes the 'most compatible' feature on Hinge feels like a straight-up insult
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bumble tweets | thumbnail text - Shepherd @NeolithicSheep ...a woman on Bumble apparently matched with me to ask me to landscape her

This Week's Batch Of Brilliant Bumble Tweets (August 2, 2022)

Bumble into our DMs
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reddit thread about ridiculous dating app bio | thumbnail text - Before swipe right and hope match want look mirror and seriously think about Why would want do bring table? Are nice guy Do have most teeth? Do grown ass man, have pictures on profile with goofyass Snapchat filters?

Delusional Woman Demands Potential Dating App Matches Take A Good Look In The Mirror Before Swiping Right On Her

She should probably do some self-reflection as well after writing this insane bio
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dating app tweets | thumbnail text - @supermoongirl9 geminis and scorpios' I... men always say when in public how astrology is dumb and a made-up thing but they're the first ones being super interested in knowing what you think about their birth chart on dating apps LMFAO 9:24 PM - Jul 23, 2022. Twitter for Android

This Week's Batch Of Funny Dating App Tweets (July 28, 2022)

So many dating apps but where is the love
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twitter thread about guy bitter about being rejected | thumbnail text -  I saw you were active on messenger last night AND this morning several times. Don't lie to me, you're probably talking to some other dude right? Wow you're really going to start that shit with me? What shit? I

Man Unfairly Accuses Woman Of Speaking To Other Men, Resorts To Petty Name Calling After Being Rejected

Another dude who can't handle being rejected
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Woman Reads Out Quite Possibly the Cringiest Text From a Man Ever Sent From a Guy She Used to Hook-up With

Woman Reads Out Quite Possibly the Cringiest Text From a Man Ever Sent, From a Guy Trying to Get With Her

Somebody needs to retriever their son
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tweets about bumble | thumbnail text - Rectangle - Areeb (he/him) @leojarvis_ Somebody unmatched with me on bumble because i said one direction is my favourite indie band lolll 2:48 PM - Jul 18, 2022 Twitter Web App

This Week's Tweets About Bumble, The Dating App Where Women Make The First Move

We had high hopes for Bumble
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okcupid tweets | thumbnail text - punky brewster they/them @ihatewest no okcupid didn't "miss match swiped left on 38 year old man with purple hair and bio says "white and nerdy" 10:52 PM Jul 21, 2022. Twitter iPhone

14 OkCupid Tweets That Made Us Say 'Ok, Hard Pass'

Ok, bye
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twitter thread about alpha man getting rejected | thumbnail text - Do have lot male friends have some keep more women around My friends are like 70% female 30% male. Why do ask?

Insecure 'Alpha' Man Tells Woman She Can't Have Male Friends, Butthurt When She Doesn't Want To Date Him

Doesn't sound like an alpha male to us
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