people reveal reasons their teachers were fired - cover pic story about teacher acting like cult leader | sandyandy12 14.7k points 12 days ago One elementary school teachers at district went got arrested making his class worship him like he cult leader. He totally bonkers.

People Reveal The Almost Unbelievable Reasons Their Teachers Got Fired

New- level worrying
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People Expose Parenting Trends They Very Much Disagree With| thumbnail text - AsteroidTicker · 22 hr. ago Starting a kid in a single sport from an early age and making that their whole life for some weird reason

People Expose Parenting Trends They Very Much Disagree With

Not hip with the trends
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Teachers Reveal The Worst Things Kids Bought In For Show And Tell | thumbnail text - Saerica22 · 13h The teacher across the hall from me had a student who brought what he thought was a lucky rabbit foot to show to the class and excitedly announced he had enough for everyone in the class. The rabbit foot was a tampon.

Teachers Reveal The Worst Things Kids Bought In For Show And Tell

Kids... bless them
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Women Reveal Things They Were Not Taught In Sex-Ed But Had To Learn The ‘Hard Way’| thumbnail text - awlames • 12h Uh I went to private religious school. We just learned sex is bad lol. So I had to learn everything on my own. G Reply Vote ...

Women Reveal Things They Were Not Taught In Sex-Ed But Had To Learn The ‘Hard Way’

Time to revamp some education programs
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Reddit thread about teachers and family secrets | thumbnail text - r/AskReddit · Posted by u/Curzon88 20 hours ago 2 6 2 3 E 4 [NSFW] Teachers, what are some family secrets you know about people because their kids told you?

Teachers Expose Family Secrets Which Their Students Revealed To Them

Kids are the new Gossip Girl
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Sex ed horror stories from teachers and students | thumbnail Text - AlsoIHaveAGroupon 1.7k points · 24 days ago We did a thing in 9th grade where anyone could write down a question anonymously. One was about average penis size. This was in the early 90s, so that wasn't something we could just google. The sex ed teacher, who was highly trained at coaching football but probably not at sex ed, told us "between 7 and 9 inches." Probably every guy nervously glanced around the room and tried

Sex-Ed Horror Stories From Teachers And Students

Oh, the awkwardness
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Teen Gets Sent Home By Teacher For Wearing A Turtleneck Deemed 'Distracting'| thumbnail text -  OM AM I DISTRACING, YOU WITH MY MIDRIFT My Eduction MY EDCATON IS MORE IMMODNT THWN LAT I WEAR

Outrage After Male Teacher Sends Teen Home Due To 'Distracting' Turtleneck Dress Combo

Maybe the solution is to just start wearing garbage bags to school
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Teacher's Unveil Times Students Had Obvious Crushes On Them| thumbnail text - almostahermit 1 year ago· edited 1 year ago A S) I had a student ask me if I was married...yes. This was followed by, "but are you happily married?" I started teaching way too young. 29.1k Give Award Share Report Save

Teachers Unveil Times Students Had Obvious Crushes On Them

A teacher crush can go from flattering to concerning real quick
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people reveal genius hacks for getting out of submitting homework on time | thumbnail text - Janine ... @jsbalek Replying to @TheMikeChase I actually convinced my fifth grade teacher that I submitted a massive project we all were supposed to have been working on for weeks that I never did and she just lost it. I can't believe I had the nerve. 5:54 AM · Jul 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Reveal Genius Hacks For Getting Out Of Submitting Homework On Time

The life hacks we all needed
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funny notes parents received from their kids' teachers - thumbnail includes two pictures of notes from teachers | Grammar compound Math write 10 compound Words Signature Terry wrote shithead his compound as one words | Auguot 16,2017 Math today During having hard time following along asked him why he wasn't doing his math Max responded well Im just too good looking talked over and he has now agreed even good looking, people need Know math Ne is such hoot hope his self confidence stays with him

Funny, Wholesome Notes Parents Received From Their Kids' Teachers

Not the type of notes parents want to get
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Karen dishes out satirical advice on a weekly basis | thumbnail text: Dear Karen, an advice column guaranteeing the privilege you're entitled to on a weekly basis

'Karen' Dishes Out Entitled Advice To Mom Who Berates School Teacher

She's back at it again
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awkward moments from teachers and students who forgot to turn off the mic during virtual learning | Obelisk5492 192 points 2 hours ago student, and my teacher talking his wife at first. Pretty normal right? Well, she leaves then he gets on phone and says Yeah honey, my wife just left, wanna come over entire class went batshit bro.

Most Awkward 'Forgot To Turn Off The Mic During Virtual Learning' Stories

That's a whole lotta awkward
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stories from teachers of stupid reasons kids were tattletales | pretzel90210 2.4k points 9 hours ago "He said bad word standing right next him and didn't hear anything Well can read his mind."

Teachers of Reddit Reveal Stupid Reasons Children Were Tattletales

Kids, eh?
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teachers reveal difference students 2020 2000 2010 time change school | 2000 Please stop passing notes 2010 Please stop texting 2020 Seriously streaming Netflix right now?"

Teachers Of Reddit Reveal The Difference Between 2000, 2010 And 2020 Students

Oh, how times have changed!
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wholesome experience teachers online learning class students | ghostdumpsters 7 points 4 hours ago One my kids, who only moved my school week before this started, send an email every Friday telling have good weekend!

Wholesome Experiences Teachers Have Had With Online Learning

Everyone is in this together
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cool teachers school student awesome | Shoutout to Mr Johnston for making pb&j for his kiddos who didn’t eat breakfast before our AP test this morning

Cool Teachers Who Make School Look Awesome

The kind of teachers all students need
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