Bad Tan Lines That Make You Feel Better About Having No Vacation Days | thumbnail two images of bad tan lines

Bad Tan Lines That Might Make You Feel Better About Having No Vacation Days

How NOT to tan
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people who got sunburned through their ripped jeans and now their legs look like grilled meat | thumbnail two images of sunburned legs

People Who Got Sunburned Wearing Ripped Jeans, Now Their Legs Look Like Grilled Meat

Sunbathing fail 101
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Best ways to celebrate hot girl summer | thumbnail text - Beach bum every weekend We can never take fresh air and open skies for granted again. Now is the time to count our blessings, and spend every waking hour under the big, bright sun. Whether you wanna ride out the waves or transform into a crisp beach potato on shore, the beach is where it's at. Just don't forget your sunscreen. Safety first.

Here's How To Make Vaxxed and Waxed Summer 2021 Your Best Yet

Calling all hot girls to report to Hot Girl Summer 2021
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