Women Reveal What 'Hot Girl Summer' Means To Them As Summer Approaches

Last summer, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj came out with the ultimate summer anthem known as Hot Girl Summer. While I danced along to this banger every time it came on and used it for my summer Instagram captions every chance I got, I was never sure exactly what the meaning behind it was, other than something along the lines of living your best life. Living your best life is also kinda vague, but no need to worry! In the thread below, the women of Reddit break down what exactly hot girl summer means to them, and how they plan to implement it this summer. Scroll even further down to comment what hot girl summer means to you. 

What hot girl summer really means to women | thumbnail text - lbastro 1 hour ago Telling yourself you are gonna be wild and free this summer but in reality you sleep till noon and spend your nights watching Netflix and eating pizza O
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