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tweets about the stress of airports that remind us why we don't travel | thumbnail text - Chris Burns Im obsessed that airports are just like okay come around 5 but the plane leaves when we decide-prob 9ish, & bring luggage but we can't promise it'll make it on the plane. We can change your ticket but it cost more than if you cancel it & buy a car instead, but here's a biscotti Alyssa Limperis O @alyssalimp Love how the airport is like do you want to pick someone up? Please do! Just don't even T

Typical Airport Drama That Makes Us Wonder If Flying Is Even Worth It

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reddit thread about worst family vacations | thumbnail text -  badguyfedora · 6y Went to Disneyworld one year when we went with a couple other families. My parents fought over something when we got back to the room, my dad got all pissed off and left with a large bottle of vodka and ibuprofen subtly implying he was going to go kill himself, made a scene with his friend from one of the families. Came back after just drinking some of the vodka and maybe taking a couple of the pills and went to bed

The Worst Family Vacations Of All Time

All the family drama
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advice husband 1950 vacation offensive dating apps tinder online relevant magazine advice | 1950s dating advice 129 WAYS GET HUSBAND #8 TAKE SEVERAL SHORT VACATIONS AT DIFFERENT PLACES..

Real Advice From The 1950s On Finding A Husband: Vacation Wisely

Would these tips actually work today?
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parents not knowing what a summer break is

Summer Vacation? Parents Don't Know The Meaning Of It (25 Relatable Tweets)

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funny summer vacation fails

18 #SummerVacationFails That Will Have You Laughing All Day

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