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Women Tell Their Wildest Summer Vacation Hookup Stories

There is something about the sweet smell of summertime and the pure existential joy of vacation that really gets the hormones flowing! Whether it be the tanned summer bodies, the excess tequila, or a combination of both, nothing says 'livin' libido loca' quite like a summer vacation! We have teamed up with dating blog The Single Society to share with you some of the wildest summertime sexcapade stories for your reading pleasure. If YOU have a wild/funny/cringeworthy summertime hookup story, be sure to spread good karma and share it with the world here

women tell their wildest summer vacation hookup stories | thumbnail text - Livin' libido loca! "My parents ended up calling the police and discovering that I was NOT missing, I had just been arrested for indecent exposure"
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