Dumbest Things Men Did To "Prove" Their "Manhood"

For too long, we have taught little boys growing up that expressing emotion is for girls and that real men are "hard." We excuse outbursts of violence and anger under the guise that "boys will be boys," creating a culture of toxic masculinity. The result is a new generation of men that feels the need to prove their "manhood" to feel accepted by society. Of course, this attitude is detrimental to their own mental (and often physical) health and those around them. I'm sure you've seen plenty of real-life examples of this, but a Reddit thread asking for the dumbest things people have seen a man do to "prove" their "manhood" has revealed just how prevalent toxic masculinity is. Read on and dispair!

dumb things men did to prove their "manhood" - thumbnail ext - SayNoToStim 2.2k points · 9 hours ago Remember that solar eclipse we had a while ago? Like 3 ish years ago? Yeah an idiot that I know thought he was tough enough to stare at it
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