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askwomen post | thumbnail text - gregor-sympathizer 3 hr. ago "Do tampons feel good?"

Women Reveal The Weirdest Things Men Have Asked Them

Men and women have been curious about each other since the beginning of time, so it doesn't come as a surprise when we have questions for the opposite sex and vice versa. Some questions are more strange than others. In an AskWomen thread , women shared the weirdest questions have ever asked them, and we're officially shaken. Some of these guys are completely clueless, whereas others are downright creeping.
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dumbest questions people have been asked at work | thumbnail text -  evolstreak · 9h "Is this where you watch movies?" I work at a movie theater.

The Dumbest Things People Have Ever Been Asked At Work

People need to go back to school asap
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stupid questions people reddit funny | 7empestipated 7.7k points 15 hours ago born significantly deaf once asked Do deaf babies know sign language they're born?

Stupidest Questions People Have Been Asked

And they say there is no such thing as a stupid question
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Questions That Push The Limits Of Human Stupidity

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Putting Yahoo Questions Next To Alex Jones Makes For A Funny Reaction

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