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Man Goes to Reddit Asking If He’s An AH for Asking to be Paid for Babysitting His Own Daughter, Gets Roasted for Pushing Wife Into the Arms of Their Neighbour

Never has there been a more unanimous YTA vote on Reddit.
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Nineteen Absurd Complaints From Customers

Unfortunately, If you've ever worked in hospitality you'd know that, yes, these are entirely plausible.
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dumb things men did to prove their "manhood" - thumbnail ext - SayNoToStim 2.2k points · 9 hours ago Remember that solar eclipse we had a while ago? Like 3 ish years ago? Yeah an idiot that I know thought he was tough enough to stare at it

Most Ridiculous Things Men Did To 'Prove Their Manhood'

Toxic masculinity is real
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employees reveal stupidest things seen in job applications - cover image had someone put down "Jesus" for a reference

Employers Reveal Stupidest Answers Seen On Job Applications

One guy listed 'making awesome guac' as a skill
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Hospital Workers Reveal Dumb Things Patients Did Immediately After Leaving Hospital - cover pic somebody lit up a cigarette with nasal cannular on and lit their face on fire | CRRT93 66 points 2 hours ago Somebody lit up cigarette no smoking area) with nasal cannula on, and lit their face on fire. Had come right back into ER.

Hospital Workers Reveal Dumb Things Patients Did Immediately After Leaving

Some people are plain stupid
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stupid questions people reddit funny | 7empestipated 7.7k points 15 hours ago born significantly deaf once asked Do deaf babies know sign language they're born?

Stupidest Questions People Have Been Asked

And they say there is no such thing as a stupid question
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funny tweets stupid people lol embarrassing cringe awkward twitter | woman posing in vacation photos HELLO new york! goodbye america! Helped injured opponent win. ETSMANSN MAXIM PERTORRA LIVES axelu almer ca 4:16 PM 26 Apr 2018

Collection Of Some Of The Dumbest Tweets Ever Tweeted

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Our Favorite Law Enforcement Twitter Page Has Just Shared The Dumbest Call Of 2019... So Far

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female tweets

Infuriatingly Daft Posts About The Female Body

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