Photographer Shows Us How One Person Can Make a Difference

a beautiful story of a photographer taking the time to help a sick girl
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a cute photo of a very cute puppy - cover for a story

Woman Leaves The Corporate World And Opens Million Dollar Whole Foods Dog Barkery

Things change as we get older. We get wiser, we learn that if something isn't making us happy it never will. We teach ourselves to let go and take risks. But it's still a surprise when someone actually does a 360 on a career switch! Although a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found "Late-career job changes have become more common over the past several decades at the same time that working longer has become more necessary, the rise in job-changing appears to be large…
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a photo of 4 girls smiling at the camera - cover for a story of a guy trying to get 6 dates in one night, but girls become friends instead

Guy Tries To Date 6 Girls In One Night, At One Location... Girls Get Best Revenge

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