Woman Wants To Report Therapist For Breaking Confidentiality And Speaking To Her Stepmom

Confidentiality between therapists (and all other medical professionals) and their clients is kind of a big deal, which, if breached, is cause for dismissal and removal of their medical license. I mean, if I found out my therapist had shared information discussed in our sessions with someone else, I'd be furious. But If I discovered that she'd shared it with anyone in my family, it would be a whole new level of hell. A hell which one girl found herself in when she found out her therapist had been sharing notes from their sessions with her new stepmom. She posted on Reddit's Am I The A— Hole, explaining that her mother had died unexpectedly a year prior, and her dad remarried his new wife within the year. The OP, who was struggling to cope, started seeing a therapist, who turned out to be sharing information from the sessions with her new stepmom, who incidentally was the one paying for the sessions. Ethical, huh? Understandably, the OP was gutted and betrayed. When she turned to her father for sympathy, he sided with his new wife, leaving her at a loss. It sounds pretty sh**ty for her all-round, but fellow Redditors jumped to her defense, correctly encouraging her to report the therapist and get away from her toxic family as fast as she can.

patient wants to report therapist who broke confidentiality and spoke to her stepmom | thumbnail text - Posted by u/ThrowA3097 2 days ago 20 15 S 14 44 AITA For reporting my therapist after she disclosed information to my stepmom? Not the A-hole I (20f) lost my mom in 2018 in a car accident. It was sudden it was devastating and I had no one to turn to for support. My dad married my stepmom a year later. I currently live with them preparing for medical school. I have to say I'm not that excited t
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