St Patrick's Day


Bad Decisions To Make On St. Patrick’s Day From Home

We all have our St. Patrick's day routine. Whether we like to go out with friends, get absolutely smashed in a small bar with a bunch of strangers, or murder a man just to watch him die and then drink daiquiris out of his skull, this holiday is fun for everyone. And whether you've just woken up next to your best friend who is pantsless, or discovered the man you killed was your long-lost brother, part of the fun is the crushing regret we all get to feel the next day after realizing the alcohol-induced decisions we made were really bad ones! Unfortunately, these holiday traditions won't be an option this year with most bars closed, but not to worry. Here are some memorable bad decisions you can make without risking your health! Well, except your liver and mental health, of course.

Bad Decisions to Make on St. Patrick’s Day From Home| thumbnail text - OVERSHARE WITH STRANGERS GET BLACKOUT DRUNK ΤΕΧΤ YOUR ΕΧ
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