Relatable 'Spooning' Tweets For All The Cuddle Buddies Out There

Everyone loves a good spooning session. For those of you who somehow have yet to have heard of spooning, Urban Dictionary defines it as "a form of cuddling in which the taller person (generally the dude) lies facing the same direction as the shorter person (generally the lady) and wraps their arms around the waist from the back, fitting together like spoons."  It's a cute, low-maintenance way to show affection in a relationship - or just a post-sex activity. Whether you're little spoon or big spoon, it's generally welcomed as a jolly good time for all parties involved. Whether they're super single or super in love, the people of Twitter weighed in on the rules of spooning with their own thoughts. Scroll down for this week's funny spooning tweets. 

Funny tweets about spooning | thumbnail text - Will Bartek @Bartek_will ... Normalize men being the little spoon! It's 2021! 7:29 AM · Mar 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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