Adding Spaghetti To Duck Face Selfies Is A Total Game Changer

Duck-face selfies are perhaps one of the most damaging impacts that social media has had on our generation. The iconic photographic pose attempts to look alluring and sultry, but it appears utterly ridiculous in reality. It almost looks like the poser is trying to slurp a giant strand of spaghetti into their mouth, which frankly, is the only time the pursed lips pose is OK. Someone photoshopped pictures of girls slurping spaghetti into their duck face selfies, showing just how ridiculous they look when there's no spaghetti there, which is 99.9% of the time. The results are hilarious and should be the cover poster for a 'ban the duck selfie' campaign.

amazingly photoshopped pictures of women doing duck face selfies adding spaghetti - thumbnail includes two pictures showing kim kardashian slurping spaghetti and three friends slurping spagetti
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