The Funniest 'Sorry I Didn't Message You Back' Tweets For The Lazy Texters Out There

Texting people back can honestly feel like a chore sometimes. And it's basically a nonstop rule, like making your bed, cleaning dishes, or being nice to the person who pays you. Your true friends will understand if you're just a sh*tty texter, but for acquaintances, you may need to form some kind of an apology when trying to reinitiate conversation. It can be awkward, but if you're truly out of good ideas for these instances, here are 12 very useful excuses from Twitter that you now have at your disposal.

The Funniest 'Sorry I Didn't message you back' Tweets For The Lazy Texters Out There| thumbnail text - Dana Donnelly O @danadonly · Feb 20 sorry i didn't text you back i spent all day worrying that you were mad at me for not texting you back •.. 5 27 210 2.3K
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