social anxiety

twitter thread windshield wipers | thumbnail text -  damien (dima) @damienkronfeld there's something that really embarrasses me about windshield wipers going at their highest speed. it's like i know u have a job to do but you guys are kind of freaking out 9:19 PM · Dec 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Reveal Why Windshield Wipers On The Highest Speed Are Anxiety Inducing

Everything makes us anxious
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funny memes about social anxiety that won't make you any less anxious | thumbnail text - Thanks brain, very cool Me: Says slightly awkward thing that everyone will forget in 5 minutes. My brain at 3 am for the next 10 years: I have decided that I want to die.  Concentrating so hard on the appropriate eye-contact-to-looking- away ratio that you have no idea what's being said to you

Memes About Having Social Anxiety That Definitely Made Us More Stressed Out

Oh, the stress
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Funny tweets about mental breakdowns | thumbnail text - Merve ... @merveebgln mental breakdown my depressioR my brain my anxiety

'Mental Breakdown' Tweets Which Just Might Restore Our Sanity

Because therapy is too expensive
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Relatable tweets about social anxiety | thumbnail text - danielle tcholakian @danielleiat Imagining how my social anxiety verging on paranoia would've dealt with attending a dinner party where the host opened with "one of you will betray me" 5:11 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Relatable Tweets About Crippling Social Anxiety For The Solitude Seekers Of The World

Cancelling plans is my therapy
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