Lazy People Demand The Normalization Of Wearing Athleisure At All Times

Ever since people have holed up in their homes, athleisure has been the go-to daily outfit. Now that people are transitioning from their comfy WFH lifestyle back to the business chic style of the workplace, people aren't quite ready to let go of their fancy yoga pants just yet. They wanna make athleisure a thing on a daily basis. The people of Twitter have taken to the platform to share their athleisure passion with the world. Because if something is clearly working for all parties involved, why in the world would we change it? 

Funny tweets about athleisure | thumbnail text - les mis stands for miserable lesbian ... @melkelenj there is something so uniquely midwestern white mom abt going to starbucks at 10am on a weekend in athleisure i feel like i should be dropping off my kids at soccer games or something 9:02 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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