people's stories of the weirdest sleepovers they ever had | thumbnail Text - Wackydetective 359 points · 13 hours ago My cousin had a friend who always caked on the makeup. I never seen the girl without makeup. We were all getting sleepy and the girl with the makeup was still wide awake. Apparently she waited until we were all asleep and then washed her face. She got up super early and I had to use the washroom and she was reapplying her makeup again. Looking back, I feel so bad for her, she mus

Odd Sleepover Stories Which Are Forever Unforgettable

Unforgettable trauma
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Girly things guys wish they could do | thumbnail text - Font - Randomdudenotsuspic · 12h Definitely girls sleepovers, I really like the ongoing vibe that is depicted in a girl sleepover, nothing sexual, just doing some dumb shit with your gals. But besides being a "girly" thing that I would totally do, also not being considered a creep just bc of that. C'mon Karen I just want to do dumb shit and paint some nails while having a revitalizer mask on my face

'Girly' Things Guys Wish Were More Universally Acceptable For Them To Do

Guys' night out
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