Funny tweets about the struggles of body hair | thumbnail text -

Women Lament The Struggles Of Shaving Their Body Hair

Ain't nobody got time for that
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Funny reddit thread about fighting the patriarchy in subtle ways | thumbnail text - EfficientInfluence 10 hours ago I put the toilet seat down.

Women Reveal Lowkey Ways They Smash The Patriarchy On A Daily Basis

Subtly calling out men
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21 Memes About Shaving That Women Will Wince At While Also Saying 'Come Feel My Legs'| Thumbnail Text - Chair - When you shave your legs & you want everyone to feel them, including your weird neighbor Timothy.

21 Memes About Shaving That Women Will Wince At While Also Saying 'Come Feel My Legs'

But seriously, come over here and feel my legs
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Women reveal how they prep for dick appointments | thumbnail text - russianvalkyrie98 · 2y If I feel jazzed enough I do prepare. -shower -shave armpits legs and trim the lady bits -brush teeth and pluck eyebrows if they need it • do hair and makeup if its a date put on a cute outfit with sexy lingerie underneath

Women Reveal How They Prep For Sexy Times

Let's get silky smooth
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How people spend their shower time | thumbnail text - WattebauschXC · 17h Shower for 10 Minutes and then mentally prepare 50 Minutes for the daily interaction with People.

Here's How Hour-Shower People Fill Their Time In There

You can find inner peace in the shower
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Shaving tips for silky smooth legs | thumbnail text - Font - Tokijlo · 1d Use razors for men, they're three times as effective.

The Beauty Secrets To Silky-Smooth Legs

Here's how to make your legs glisten
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