Parents Capture And Share The Brilliant Reasons For Their Toddler's Tantrums

Kids don't understand the world. To be fair, neither do most adults, but at least we are able to control our emotional responses when things upset us (which again, to be fair, even some adults struggle to do). But however nice it be to be able to have a full-blown tantrum every time we have a bad day or someone pisses us off, unfortunately, that's only a privilege that kids get. We have to put on a smile on our face and just get on with it. 

A Facebook page called Reasons My Son Is Crying is a collection of the brilliantly funny and illogical reasons why kids have had tantrums, as captured and submitted by their parents. Here is a selection of some of the funniest reasons for their meltdowns and even though we feel sorry for these little ones, they've certainly given us five minutes of chuckles. 

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