sex is cool but


Fifteen Things Which Are Cooler Than Sex According To Twitter

It seems like people never shut up about sex. We get that sex is cool and all, but there are definitely things out there in this big, bad world that are better than sex. Or so claims the common internet phrase "sex is cool but..." that dates all the way back to 2015. The funny phrase is still going just as strong in 2021. So what's hotter than sex, you may be wondering? People on the Twitter-sphere are jokingly sharing their thoughts on things in life that are cooler than sex, and these tweets are funny AF. Scroll down for the best "sex is cool but..." tweets from this week. 

Tweets about things that are cooler than sex | thumbnail text - Ray @RahellDavis ... yea sex is cool but have u ever made a list & crossed everything off it?? in a dAY?? so hot 9:48 PM · Mar 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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