A Deep Dive Into How 'Nature Is Healing' According To Twitter

When 'nature is healing' first started trending, it was wholesome, earnest, and genuinely about how the planet was less polluted as people started spending more time in their homes. Of course, the internet can't let things stay wholesome forever, and people hijacked the phrase to troll people that took it way too seriously. As we approach Summer 2021, this trolling trend is still going strong on Twitter, and these days has literally nothing to do with nature. Scroll down for the best of 'nature is healing' tweets from this week. 

Funny tweets about how 'nature is healing' | thumbnail text - lex ... @hotgirlintech had a 4.5 minute crush on a guy at my coffee shop. turns out he drives a custom tesla with the license plate "shroom vroom" or some sh*t and now we've broken up. nature is healing. 8:15 PM · Apr 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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