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self-care twitter thread | thmbnail text -  Genevieve Kersten @joieduhvieve Replying writesloud Plants sucker celebratory succulent. 5:19 AM Jan 26, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Women Reveal Their Personal Rewards That Don't Involve Being Under The Influence (Twitter Thread)

Mani pedis are the answer
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14 Autumn Self-Care Tips To Fall Into The Cozy Season| Thumbnail Text -

14 Autumn Self-Care Tips To Fall Into The Cozy Season

Tiz the season for self-care
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funny parenting tweets about self care | thumbnail text - Arianna Bradford ... @thearibradford Self-care tip: Wear a luxurious moisturizing face mask as you wipe your child's shitty ass so that you, too, may feel as if you're enjoying the spa day of your dreams. 9:39 PM · May 4, 2020 Twitter for iPhone

Funny Tweets From Parents About The Realities Of Self-Care Once Kids Are In The Picture

'Watching Frozen 2 without your kids is self-care'
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Reddit thread about moments women surprised themselves | thumbnail text -  trdrps 12 hours ago When my first boyfriend and I broke up, I went full on crazy ex girlfriend mode. He broke up with me because he liked someone else and I was devastated. I got into all of his social media accounts because I knew the passwords, just to see if he was dating that girl. I do regret it, but it taught me a lot.

Women Toast To Things They Did Which Were So Out Of Character Even They Were Surprised

Surprise party for yourself
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Facial care horror stories | thumbnail text - Overexfoliation paired with moisturizer broke out, and foundation broke out. Introduced all three at same time. So much deep, cystic acne Learned my lesson since then!

Facial Care Horror Stories Which Definitely Serve As Cautionary Tales

When self-care gets scary
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Funny tweets about skincare routines | thumbnail text - Poosh @pooshdotcom ... POOSH If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my 12- step skincare routine. Vitamin C АНА/ВНА SPF AVA Hyaluronic Acid Micellar Retinol

Sparkling Skin Care Routines Are Guaranteed To Revamp Our Lives, According To Twitter

Love us some baby-soft skin
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instagram, empowering, self love, artist, recipe, women, feminism, sexuality, beauty, self care, mental health | art illustration NEVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT FEELINGS |  SOMEONE ELSE'S BEAUTY IS NOT ABSENCE OWN

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Serving Daily Recipes for Self Love

Reminders of how to care of yourself
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