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Women Whose Sass Roasted The Heck Out Of Men Online

The internet is full of people who think they know what they're talking about when in fact, they don't. But that's OK. Because the sassy women of the world who know a thing or two about life are there to bring them back down to earth and tell them what's what. Scroll through these women who roasted other people online (mostly men, duh) and brought their reality crashing back down around them like a ton of bricks. Boy, are we glad we weren't under that pile when it came crashing down!

Women Whose Sass Roasted The Heck Out Of Men Online | thumbnail text - Im in bed in TEARS this mans really said "Probably not" IM Hey listen you're cool and all but your breath smells and it makes me uncomfortable I can brush my teeth in the morning next time. Can you do it like.everyday Probably not. I really don't like being told to do stuff. My suggestion would be find someone you think is better than me. Good luck. bea @beatricelai_ last night we were helping this girl who was way too drunk
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