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An Ode To Samantha Jones And The Lessons She Taught Us About Sex

A new revival of a Sex and the City movie is coming out and the internet is abuzz. More so because Samantha Mother Effing Jones isn't included. Umm, excuse me, but whattttttttttt the freaking hell?!!?!?!!?!?! Samantha IS Sex and the City. She's the ultimate bachelorette who did whatever the hell she wanted, and she knew how to freakin work it. Here is my personal tribute to the true protagonist of this show (yeah, I said it):

nine lessons Samantha jones taught us about sex and relationships | thumbnail I'm a "try-sexual". I'll try anything once. Be Adventurous With Your Own Body Even we aren't our best partners sometimes. And when that's the case, that's usually a sign that you need to add a new toy or two to your collection with a couple of extra levels and some new wonderful features.
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