aita post | thumbnail text - Y r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Throwaway781Felicity 6 hours ago 23 e2 34 AITA publicly calling out my fiance at our party after he made dig at my previous homelessness?

Jealous Man Brags About How His Salary Is Still Higher Than His Fiance's At Her Promotion Party

This man needs to get over himself
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Jobs so bad women quit in the first week | thumbnail text - VagabondDreamGirl · 12h Day 1 at Albertsons and I think day 3 at McDonalds. So I apply for a job, I tell them my availability, they hire me...and then completely ignore my availability. As soon as I hit a conflict I stopped coming in. Week 2 at a car wash because I was there 60 hours but got paid for like 25. Apparently they clocked us out whenever there was downtime.

Work Conditions So Unbearable That Women Quit Within The First Two Weeks

Some jobs just aren't worth it
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for telling my parents that I make more than both my siblings when they told me to get a real job I'm a nanny to 2 special needs kids. There's a very high demand for nannies for special needs kids because 3 special needs daycares in my county shut down, so I make approximately $120,000 a year and live in the family's guesthouse rent-free and they bought me a car so I can drive the kids around.

Woman Admits She Makes Bank After Her Parents Shame Her For Being A Nanny For Special Needs Kids

OP can make it rain with her nanny salary
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work day as told by ariana grande gifs | thumbnail text -

The Nine-To-Five Work Day Represented By Ariana Grande

Ariana knows what's up
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Psycho In-Laws Trap Son-In-Law In A Room When He Won't Reveal His Salary To Them| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/Noshitsorry_ • 5h AITA for calling my inlaws gold-diggers for insisting to know how much my new job pays? I'm M28 Canadian and my fiancée F26 and her family are from Latin America. my mother and father in law found out about my new job and wanted to have a "private" conversation with me without my fiancée so they invited me to their house.

Psycho In-Laws Trap Son-In-Law In A Room When He Won't Reveal His Salary To Them

Boundaries people, boundaries
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