Athleisure Apparel Tweets For Women Who Have No Intention Of Working Out

Soccer moms and Karens across the US of A are known to go about their daily activities in athleisure apparel. The magic of athleisure is that it creates the facade of working out, without actually having to work out. Legend has it that if you wear athleisure every day, you don't even have to work out. You can get fit just like that. Even though this theory hasn't been scientifically proven, humans everywhere have followed in the footsteps of soccer moms and have taken to wearing athleisure on a daily basis. The athleisure apparel people of Twitter are at least self-aware and have taken to the platform to make fun of themselves as well as all the other people who have fallen victim to the Instagram fitness style. Scroll down for the week's funniest tweets about athleisure. 

Tweets about athleisure apparel | thumbnail text - * sagittarius queen @FGITbrooke can anyone tell me what is the secret to wearing athleisure without constantly looking like a suburban soccer mom bc i don't think i'm nailing it 8:40 PM · Mar 29, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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