Men In Their Twenties Consider Accepting 16-Year Old Girl As Their Roommate

On this week's episode of "men can be creepy AF," a concerned man started a Reddit thread about his roommates are considering accepting a 16-year-old girl as their roommate. Apparently, she claims to be emancipated but has no proof that she actually is. In case you missed it, these men are in their twenties. Only one roommate - the original poster - thinks that this is a disaster waiting to happen, and all the Redditors on the thread unanimously agree with him. What do you think? Is this about to explode in their faces? How creepy are these roomies on a scale of one to ten? Let us know in the comments. 

Men consider accepting 16 year old as roommate | thumbnail text - Posted by u/ThrowRASea_Stage3608 2 days ago My roommates are considering letting an underage girl (16f) move in with us. Basically, I have three roommates and we're all guys between the ages of 22-24. We've been looking for a new roommate since our last one moved out, they're currently deciding if we should let a 16-year-old girl move in with us, I'm the only one who seems to think this is weird. My roommates say they don't care h
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