Memes For Those Of Us Whose Sanity Is Just Barely Hanging By A Thread

Life can get very overwhelming. Even the most simple of tasks can require us to gather significant energy. Honestly, we all deserve an award for just existing. The fact that we get up every day and do sh*t, while literally going insane on the inside is pretty impressive. Even going to sleep can be an utter pill when you're mind is freaking out about whether you locked the front door, or unplugged the toaster. Sometime's we need to consult a real psychiatrist, and sometimes we just need a fat nap.

If you're someone who could seriously use a vacation (from your thoughts), these memes might seem familiar

Relatable Memes For People Whose Sanity Is Just Barely Hanging By A Thread| thumbnail text - ellory smith spooky & hot @ellorysmith have you ever been chilling minding your own business and realize your jaw has been tightly clenched for the last 15 years
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