The Non-Tropey Jobs Rom-Com Ladies Should Have Actually Had

When we're feeling down, there's nothing like a good romantic comedy to give us those warm fuzzies. At least, up until the credits roll and we see our sad selves reflected in the dark screen covered in chocolate ice cream stains with no one to love but the neighbor's cat! Am I right ladies??


Ahem...well anyway, have you ever thought about how screwed the economy would be if women in real life were all bakery-owners or journalists like they all are in rom-coms? Did screenwriters just learn about like three career options and then drop out of school or something? A lot of the time the jobs don't even seem to fit the characters. So let's think...what would make more sense for these women? Read on...

The Non-Tropey Jobs Rom-Com Ladies Should Have Actually Had | thumbnail image of kristen wiig text - kristen wiig - Bridesmaids I don't buy any version of Kristen Wiig as a baker. Her character in Bridesmaids is more like, I dunno, a grocery store clerk? She would totally make snide comments under her breath as she rang people up. If she HAS to have a creative side then let her do the window displays! Everyone's happy!
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