People Reveal Their Unique Daily Rituals - A Thread

British TV music composer Nick Harvey asked is followers to share their unique daily rituals after revealing that he hides his front door keys every night so his son, who sleepwalks, doesn't inadvertently open the front door. People really took it seriously and shared all of their daily routines, but perhaps they aren't as unique as they thought. Plenty of people related to almost all of the replies, which proves that we're all a lot more similar than we might think! Here are some of the sweetest replies. How many do you relate to?

twitter thread about unique daily rituals - cover pic about person leaving TV on for their dogs | FUCK ALL Twinks @tinytwink Replying mrnickharvey Every day leave TV on dogs feel bad if 's on something shit like shopping channel, so spend 10 minutes searching something they might like
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