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Most Ridiculous Things People Ever Wrote About Women

The internet is full of inaccurate information, so being mindful about where you get your facts, especially those that seem like they could be true, is essential. But some things on the wonderful world wide web are so utterly ridiculous that they are funny — especially when it comes to men making assumptions and bold statements about women, which are factually incorrect. Mansplainers are unbearable at the best of times, but when they make misogynistic, sexist, and insulting claims that are simply false, it just adds salt to the wound. Reddit is an endless source of these types of posts, and we've collected some of the best examples of men writing absurd things about women. Scroll through and be amazed at the level of stupidity that some people reach.

Most ridiculous things people ever wrote about women | thumbnail text - Ohuokun Menstruation is called "period" because back in the day when women's bodies weren't as polluted, all it was, was a tiny dot. i repeat this againe wearing ankle chain is the sign of lesbian or prostitude,
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