people reveal their exe's fetishes which did absolutely nothing for them | thumbnail text - SilentHillNA 7 months ago Biting. Normally I am more than happy with that. But he would do so unexpectedly, no warning, and hard enough that it would bruise or break skin. Oh and he would do like a shark, shaking his head back and forth hard. And in usually the most sensitive places. That's takes the fun out of it and set me on edge so much that I couldn't get off because I was always ready for the next b

People Reveal Their Exes Fetishes Which Totally Turned Them Off

Being weirded out by your exes kinks
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Men Reveal 'Guy Secrets' That Women Don't Know About| thumbnail text -  turkygaming· 2h Generally most guys don't like super long fingernails, it's not like we dislike them but not many men find them sexy or anything I don't know if that's a guys secret 6 Reply 4 24 3 ...

Men Reveal 'Guy Secrets' That Women Don't Know About

I guess the cats out of the bag
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Bartenders Disclose What Your Drink Order Tells Them About You As A Person| thumbnail text - FREAK_DOLPHIN_RAPE • 2y Vodka water with lime for the sorority girl who wants to cut calories, then drinks 8 of them and gets blackout pizza from the place next door. 498

Bartenders Disclose What Your Drink Order Tells Them About You As A Person

'Make it strong'
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women reveal what it's like to settle for someone who they knew wasn't 'the one' | thumbnail text - mamabug27 9 days ago He turned out not to be a good person and I left him [deleted] 9 days ago There's no such thing as "the one". This is a toxic idea that destroys relationships that might otherwise work out. People are compatible with you or not. And then there are principles of marriage that you follow to have success. People don't follow these principles and then they rationalize with this id

Women Reveal What It's Like To Settle For A Partner Who Isn't 'The One'

Is there even such a thing as 'the one'
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Some Of The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Reveal| Thumbnail text - unique. @blkslut me pretending to be shocked that Kylie Jenner is pregnant even though a bunch of TikTok videos already confirmed it

Some Of The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Reveal

Round 2
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housekeepers reveal the dirty secrets that their employers didn't know they knew | thumbnail text - While cleaning this older couples home who were your typical, sweet grandma/grandpa type. Very soft spoken and always tipped us great. We do a great job cleaning and are thorough, including vacuuming under the bed. Their bed had no bed skirt which would have made it easy, but the amount of sex and BDSM type toys were enough for me to "nope" and I now I can never look at them the same. Good for the

Housekeepers Reveal Employer's Secrets They Weren't Supposed To Know

When your private like isn't as private as you think
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People Throw Out Sure Fire Ways To Get Someone To NOT Sleep With You| Thumbnail text - standard_apathy · 1d 3 Awards "I mean you don't really need to wipe if you take a shower every other day, am I right?" G Reply 1 9.2k 3 ...

People Throw Out Sure Fire Ways To Get Someone To NOT Want To Sleep With You

The secrets are out
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Men Admit Things They Wish Women Knew About Them| Thumbnail text - Qepperoni · 6d 14 Awards girl: l'm dropping so many hint! Why doesn't he get them? boy: I think girl is dropping hints but l'm not sure I want to risk my friendship and embarrassment so I'll just ignore them. G Reply 4 18.5k 3 ...

Men Admit Things They Wish Women Knew About Them

Compliments are powerful
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parents reveal most expensive things their kids ruined by mistake - cover pic story of kid putting laptop in sink | feedmeacid 8.5k points 2 years ago Watching netflix as doing dishes. Had poop. 3 year old daughter drags kitchen chair up sink, decides help do dishes while im on toilet. Goodbye $1200 laptop is now soaked about gallon water.

Parents Trying Not To Flip Out At Their Kids For Ruining Their Expensive Things

The clumsiest kids on the internet
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Passionate Reactions To Cardi B's Iconic Pregnancy Reveal At The BET Awards| thumbnail text - Photograph - PopGunSuzie @PopGunSuzie ... Dating during covid: What color should I paint my toes for my gynecologist appointment later? 9:45 PM - Feb 1, 2021 - Twitter for Android

Passionate Reactions To Cardi B's Iconic Pregnancy Reveal At The BET Awards

Oop, she did it again
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women's stories of funny moments in the delivery room - cover pic while I was in labor, my fiance asked doctor if he could hook up his xbox while waiting for me to push

Women Reveal Their Funny And Ridiculous Delivery Room Moments

Not exactly how labor is supposed to go
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Woman Reveals The Double-Standard Behind How We View Violence By Women Vs. By Men| thumbnail text - bau-liya so women are supposed to grin and bear the books, the comics, the movies, the plays, the tv shows, the stories, the sci-fi, the translated Ig millennia of men writing about their self inserts torturing women and it being declared as High Art by other men, we're supposed to read it in our free ancient poems, the f

Woman Reveals The Double-Standard Behind How We View Violence By Women Vs. By Men

Get ready for some learning
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people reveal their 'how I caught my spose cheating' horror story | thumbnail text - sharkfinnpapa 2 years ago I returned from work on xmas eve. we had tickets to a festival which started the day before nye and i couldnt find the tickets anywhere after seeing them the month before. i decided to double check the trash before we put it out for collection. i found a used condom... we lived on our own.

People's 'How I Accidentally Caught My Spouse Cheating' Horror Stories

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men share the things women think are sexy and attractive, but really aren't | thumbnail text - The Kardashian look. Pumped up lips and a disproportionately large butt are a huge turnoff for me. It's just not natural.

Men Reveal Things Which Aren't As Attractive Or Sexy As Women Think

The truth comes out
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people reveal their most disgusting secrets - cover pic story about kicking pig eyeball under cabinet during biology class and never telling anyone | _kolibrii 7.8k points 6 hours ago biology class were dissecting pigs eyeball and my hand slipped and eyeball fell on floor and being extremely lazy kicked under cabinet and lay there 2 years until someone finally found .

People Reveal Their Most Disgusting Secrets

People's darkest inner truths
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redditers reveal non-sexual things that feel sexual - cover pic describing sexual tension when someone leans over your shoulder to look at computer screen | chestyCough94 16.7k points 13 days ago If on pc/laptop, somebody leaning over shoulder look at screen with close proximity faces can feel awkwardly sexual.

People Reveal 'Non-Sexual Things That Feel Very Sexual'

"Tying someone else's tie for them"
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