Disrespectful Things Guests Actually Did In People's Homes

Bringing guests into your home is a wonderful thing to do. Although hospitality is somewhat of a skill, it's not that hard to create an environment where your guests feel relaxed and at home. But what happens when they feel a little too comfortable? There's a fine line between feeling at home in someone else's house and being an obnoxious a**hole, which is a concept that some people don't quite understand. And those people are idiots. A Reddit thread asking people to share 'the most disrespectful thing a guest ever did at your home' has revealed just how little concern some people have for other's properties, and the responses are pretty shocking! Here are some of the best!

disrespectful things guests did in people's homes - cover image story about someone using person's razor not for their face petewolfz | Petewolfz 1.0k points 13 hours ago had friend living with about week while he between places came home work one day, went bathroom and noticed he had used my razor. No big deal donebin bathroom went front room and noticed he had not shaved his face.
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