Wearing Red Clothing At Target Isn't A Smart Move

The majority of people don't think twice about what they wear when they go to the supermarket; in fact, most people just about get out of their pajamas for the occasion. But it turns out that one thing you do need to consider when getting dressed the morning of your supermarket shop is the color of your clothing. Because supermarkets have uniforms and wearing the color of those uniforms will likely result in fellow customers assuming you work there - something these people didn't think about when they wore red shirts to Target. Check out their hilarious Tweets documenting their experiences of being confused for employees.

tweets about people wearing red at target being mistaken for employees | Fucked up and wore a red at target. 5 people have asked me for help | Note to self: don't go to target whilst wearing tan pants and a red shirt. Just had a lady ask to speak to my manager because I didn't know where the baby food
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