We Tried Out Popular Tik Tok Food Trends, And It Was A Delicious Hot Mess

I love to cook, but one frustrating thing about cooking is recipes. They just take so much reading. Some of them are like five steps! Like, just get to the point already, recipe! We all know "process" is fake and you can actually just mix up all the ingredients at once no matter what the dish is. You're just trying to fool me into looking at a website. TikTok's short-video format solves this problem--they give me my recipes how I want them: in rapid-fire. If I miss something because I can't rewind the video, oh well, guess I'll be missing some ingredients. Anyway, I challenged myself to try out a bunch of different TikTok food trends in one week, to see if rapid-fire really works. Here's what I found out.

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