Funny Comic About The Power Of Women's Reassurance

Us modern women are powerhouses; we do it all. But juggling motherhood, careers, husbands, boyfriends, and our own sanity can be draining, and it's not always easy to give everyone the undivided attention they deserve. And so, sometimes, a simple "good job" has to suffice, even when it does not deserve praise in the damn slightest. From reassuring our kids that their artwork is better than Picasso to convincing our husbands that we didn't fantasize about Brad Pitt when after our standard fortnightly missionary romp, we spend a lot of our lives saying "good job," even when the job was not a good one. Daniella London Dekel has captured the power of a woman's reassurance in this heartwarming and funny comic.

funny comic about a mom and wife saying "good job" to husband and kids | thumbnail includes three images of woman saying good job Text - good job!
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