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14 Seemingly 'Wholesome' Things Which Are Actually Extremely Toxic

A lot of the time we will see things on the news that make us go, "Awww." Maybe a little girl saved money to pay for her grandma's health insurance, or a father worked 4 jobs to send his daughter to college. These things seem really sweet, but there's a bigger issue here. People should not have to work 4 jobs to afford one college tuition, and health insurance should not be so damn expensive. Sometimes things are framed to be so wholesome, but in reality, they shouldn't need to occur at all.

This Reddit thread exposes more 'wholesome' things that need a reality check.

14 Seemingly 'Wholesome' Things That Are Actually Extremely Toxic| thumbnail text - freakishfrenchhorn • 6d 1 Award Asking your child "Who's your boy/girlfriend?" any time they interact with someone of the opposite sex. G Reply 1 3.2k 3 ...
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