twitter thread repeating stories to friends | thumbnail text - nash 44ylw Replying sahana_srini take this step further and inform person am aware and do not care have already told them said story multiple times and just enjoy telling and they are simply passenger this train l'm driving 5:06 PM Feb 2, 2022 Twitter iPhone

We're All Guilty Of Repeating The Same Exact Stories To The Same Exact Friends (Twitter Thread)

We promise it's worth hearing again
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10 Fascinating Facts About Female Masturbation| thumbnail text - 7. There's even some evidence that masturbation might increase the release of disease-fighting white blood cells, making it possibly the best cold remedy ever.

10 Fascinating Facts About Female Masturbation

Flying solo is good for you
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expectations vs reality celeb reality bloome comics - 14830853

Instagram Artist Draws Funny Comics Comparing Her Average Life To Glamorous Celebs

JLo at 50 is unreal
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red flags that work in books | thumbnail text - bonsaithot · 15h I love it when the hero is just super obsessed with the female protagonist and he can just spring to her aid when she needs it because he's been watching her. LOL so toxic irl but I love it in books.

More Red Flags That Work In Books But Wouldn't Fly In Real Life

The fictional toxic boyfriend just does it for us
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Sauciest Tweets And Memes Reacting To The Beginning Of 'Love Island' 2021| thumbnail text - Liberty stepping forward for brad like #Lovelsland PASOUTHGATE SA TRAVERS T.COSTELLO BASTOLZ AMWHITE LOTERS WALD I am so random. I can't believe I just did that.

Sauciest Tweets And Memes Reacting To The Beginning Of 'Love Island' 2021

We've been waiting for this moment
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Spiciest Memes Roasting The Cast Of 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2| thumbnail text - Morgan Carroll @morganxcarroll Harry and Francesca look different here #TooHotToHandle #TooHotToHandleS2

Spiciest Memes Roasting The Cast Of 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2

'By the end they're going to owe Lana money'
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Weekly Dose Mansplaining Tweets (March 24, 2021)| thumbnail text - I'm A Fuckin' Princess ... @Just_ReneaR i just seen someone refer to mansplaining as "correctile dysfunction".. hahaha.. im still laughing.. 5:22 AM · Mar 22, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Weekly Dose Of Funniest Mansplaining Tweets (March 24, 2021)

Mansplainers are really on a roll
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people reveal coma stories cover photo person explaining what it's like to be in a coma | ManiacMando 5.2k points 23 hours ago hit by car 5years old. Ended up with toxic shock syndrome and went into coma 4 months just remember some very weird 'dreams which can still recall vividly 26 years later. Someone mentioned something about visiting another realm, and thats pretty close mark.

People Reveal What It's Like To Be In A Coma

The unknown realms of reality
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reality age 30s twitter funny tweets people share expectation vs reality | Jono @jonoabroad Replying exfatalist Eye sight dropping off cliff Suddenly being old person who talks young people and seeing urgh why is he talking us look" Young people tech stores assuming an idiot. Being grumpy lot.

People In Their 30s Share Sad Realities Of Being Their Age

Apparently 30 is the new 80
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hilarious pictures before after kids instagram funny pics | four panels of before and after kids

Funny Pictures Showing The Harsh Reality Of Before And After Having Kids

Have a kid, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
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askreddit people reality delusional out of touch crazy | stormy-darklordofall 13.3k points 2 days ago Had friend who insisted she relationship with C-list celebrity whom she met once during comic convention. All celebrity's Instagram and twitter posts were her and everything had meaning behind celebrity got married, she said just media so she and celebrity could live quiet life he didn't do anything her birthday, she had breakdown. She went therapy not long after.

People Reveal Most 'Out Of Touch With Reality' Moments They Witnessed In Others

Some people really are delusional
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Instagram photographer reality perfect beauty | photo of a model in a shower and photo showing the photographer taking her photo wearing clothes in a shower stall

Beauty Photographer Shows Reality Behind Perfect Instagram Pictures

Not everything is at it seems
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expectation reality reddit funny different online pictures | I've brushed its fur for 10 minutes Uetie LIDE AGES 2+ Scruf fo Wash Find us SCrufny Fluff Make us Groom Who will Rescue? Love Suru L laa prou uorterofme ASPCA ASPCA

Online Orders Which Were Totally Different To The Original Pictures

Expectation Vs Reality
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funny tweet surgery Anesthesia viral reality doctors surgeon patient | dickpic van dyke @youngcogan had surgery assumed they were giving aesthetic they'd count down ten like see on telly but instead czech nurse just looked down at and said "goodbye" andI gone laugh every time think about

Funny Viral Tweet About Reality Of Undergoing Anesthesia For Surgery

Turns out it's nothing like the movies...
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instagram reality paintings - 7091973

15 Times Famous Paintings Had To Deal With Reality

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point of view and manipulations

11 Fascinating Examples Showing How The Media Can Manipulate Our Point Of View

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