More Red Flags That Work In Books But Wouldn't Fly In Real Life

We were all head over heels for Edward Cullen back in the day, but looking back, the dude was hella creepy. Watching Bella while she slept? No thanks, I'll pass! Even though we're all over the toxic, possessive boyfriend in books, none of us would actually stand for that sh*t IRL. In a recent ASkWomen subreddit thread, women discuss what they're super into in books, but are total red flags in reality. Scroll down to see all the toxic tropes they brought up. 

red flags that work in books | thumbnail text - bonsaithot · 15h I love it when the hero is just super obsessed with the female protagonist and he can just spring to her aid when she needs it because he's been watching her. LOL so toxic irl but I love it in books.
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