Mom Wants To Know If She's Wrong To Blame Six-Year-Old Daughter For Babysitter Quitting

The world can be a scary and daunting place for kids. Learning to navigate their way through it as they develop emotions, opinions and feelings can be challenging. As any parent can attest, kids choose to throw tantrums out of nowhere, always at the worst times. Even though it's because they're feeling scared, insecure, or out of control, it doesn't make them any easier to deal with. So what do you do when your child misbehaves? Do you comfort them, or do you criticize them for acting up and use it as a teaching opportunity to demonstrate that actions have consequences? One mother faced a difficult challenge after her six-year-old's bratty behavior caused their babysitter to quit. She posted in Reddit's Am I The A-hole, asking if she was wrong for telling her daughter that her repeated bad behavior was the reason for their babysitter quitting...

mom wants to know if she's in the wrong for blaming her badly behaved six-year-old for babysitter quitting | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Relative_Ad654 2 days ago 11 10 S 12 8 AITA for telling my daughter it's her fault that her babysitter quit? Not the A-hole I have 3 kids: 6, 4 and nearly a year old. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I hired a sitter to pick the other two up from school and watch them. We really liked her and appreciated her. My eldest loved her babysitter but she began t
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