funny tweets about feral things people have been doing during quarantine | Text - KDramasNSilents @KDramasNSilents Replying to @drewtoothpaste Ate an entire diced raw cabbage out if a bowl cuz i got tired partway through prep and didn't want to cook anymore. And then I did it again with the cabbage i bought to replace that cabbage.

People Confess 'Most Feral Thing' They Did Over Past Six Months, Funny Twitter Thread

It's been a rough six months...
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funny and relatable tweets about being tired of cooking in 2020 | brandon jinx big jinx @brandonjinx Man tired cooking bout just drink this bottle salad dressing and get bed 4:43 AM May 12, 2020 Twitter iPhone 51 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 359 Likes

Relatable Tweets About Cooking Burnout In 2020

The burnout is all too real
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best memes from the 2020 Emmy awards - Text Rachel Paige O @rachmeetsworld When the history books start writing about 2020 1 hope Jennifer Aniston putting out an actual garbage fire on live TV is included

Winning Memes From The 2020 Emmy Awards

Virtual award ceremonies can also be fun
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pictures from the spanish flu 100 years ago - women wearing face masks and poster explaining about quarantine | Quarantine PEOPLE who are quarantine are not isolated if they have Bell Telephone Bell Service brings cheer and encouragement sick, and is value countless other ways. Friends. whether close at hand or far away, can be easily reached, because Bell Service is universal service. NEW YORK TELEPHONE CO.

Pictures From The Spanish Flu 100 Years Ago Shows Similarities In Managing Pandemics

They had to wear masks and isolate too
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pub backyard couple lock down coronavirus goals drinking couple DIY

Couple Builds Mini Pub In Backyard And It's Total Goals

There's a simple solution to everything
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parents tweet alone time funny twitter coronavirus quarantine parenting | Animal - Divergent Mama @Divergentmama Homeschooling Tip: if count Tiktok their rooms as kids music, dance and PE classes might get few hours alone peace.

Funny Tweets From Parents About What 'Alone Time' Means

It's the small moments...
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female artist illustrator quarantine Instagram kids coronavirus toddler | Mommy, My Teacher is on Facetime say Hello 2020 #THAISVANDERHEYDEN | are doing, Mommy Stinky Poop 2020 #THAISVANDERHEYDEN

Female Artist Of The Week: Illustrator Stuck In Quarantine With Four Toddlers

Kids, eh?
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relatable quarantine fitness tweets funny twitter coronavirus exercise gym | Alana Hope Levinson @alanalevinson think 's really inspiring some are able do workout videos all way thru without just giving up ten minutes snack or tweet or both 3:24 AM Apr 25, 2020 Twitter iPhone >

All Too Relatable Quarantine Fitness Tweets

Exercise isn't for everyone
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funny tweets screen time report quarantine coronavirus technology boredom | Kyle Clark yleClark Got my iPhone's weekly Screen Time report and didn't know awake long 7:45 PM Apr 5, 2020 Twitter iPhone

Funny Tweets About Our Insane Screen Time Reports

Where does the time go?
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fake app artist instagram screen time quarantine coronavirus funny | Sobandcry spotify health 8 notifications glass of wine

Fake Apps That Show The Reality Of Being Stuck At Home

If our phones really told the truth...
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funny tweets drinking quarantine coronavirus alcohol | sarafcarter @sarafcarter At point quarantine where might just drink make myself hungover on purpose just feel something

Funny Tweets About How Much We're Drinking Now

We'll toast to that!
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influencer dogs Instagram quarantine model satire pets dog wine alcohol | dog in glasses and a head scarf My 5 year plan is make May. | Quarantine Day 40: Today woke up, had smoothie and did an at-home workout. Translation: Started drinking margaritas at 10am and fell down stairs.

Canine Influencer Living Her Best Quarantine Life

Quarantinis all day
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view window quarantine pictures facebook photos nature beautiful breathtaking | View from my back porch.... Mt Rainer, Washington state dusk mountain nature scene

People Share Their ‘View From My Window’ Quarantine Pictures

Some of the views are breathtaking
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bored children testing parents patience

Bored Children Who Tested Their Parents' Patience To The Limit

Have kids they said...
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quarantined couple reenact movie scenes facebook iconic reenactment home | SÜTI SYLVESTE STALLONE ROCKY TE ST boxer wearing an oven mitten

Quarantined Couple Re-enact Iconic Movie Scenes With Things in Their Home

Doing what it takes to keep busy
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female artist disney cartoons mom neighborhood instagram chalk sidwalk social distancing coronavirus quarantine neighbors | EXTRA LONG TABLE TWO, PLEASE disney lady and the tramp

Female Artist Of The Week: Chalk Cartoonist Mom Brightens Up Neighborhood

The art of Disney characters social distancing
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